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Dream job


If you are here looking at this page, you are probably unhappy with your current job situation because it does not align with your passions and goals or you know exactly what kind of job you want but don’t know where to start to get there. You are NOT alone.

A few years ago, I quit my corporate job and started my dream career, making films through my own company, Moth to Flame.  I never looked back. It was not easy, but I succeeded and have been doing what I love every day. The best part about doing what you love is that you never look at the clock. You wake up every day excited about how you can grow your business, know your purpose, and most importantly you feel like you are making a difference. I can show you how to make a living doing what you love. It is a lot of hard work and due diligence, but if you are willing to take a risk on yourself and invest your time, I promise you... your life will never be the same again.

If you don’t build your own dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs
— Tony Gaskins
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Do you know what your ideal job looks like or at least know what passions and interests you have? Let us delve into your many interests and passions and prioritize them in ways that will take your passion to a sustainable profession.


Identify your strengths and weaknesses. Come up with a timeline that best fits your current lifestyle and set actionable goals towards reaching your dreams. Remember, a dream is only a dream until we have an actionable plan.


Take action on your goals. Link up with additional resources that will help supplement your weaknesses. Identify key accountability partners that will help ensure that you continue to progress, even when times get tough.