Businesses by Boss Ladies

Here are some really talented ladies who run their own businesses.




Business Coach - Christine Chen

Christine Chen coaches aspiring entrepreneuers and current entrepreneuers who want to take their businesses to the next level. Most clients already come from either a successful 9-5 profession and want to turn their passions into careers or have just started to embark on their entrepreneurial  journey and do not know how to grow their businesses further. Christine specializes in 360 branding and marketing strategy. 


Empowerment Coach - Kat Kirby Warriors

Kat Kirby is the founder of Kat Kirby Warriors an empower program that strives to help women break through their outer and inner barriers to help bring the "spark" back into their lives. In the program, Kat deals with issues such as confidence, self-image and body issues, health, and more. 



Moth to Flame

Moth to Flame - Christine Chen

Moth to Flame is a boutique media company specializing in photography and videography for businesses and artists. Some of our services include: 

  1. Crowdfunding Campaigns
  2. Live Venue Videography
  3. Branded Event Videography
  4. Commercials
  5. Industrials Training Videos
  6. Product and Service Pitch Videos
  7. Music Videos & Films



Glo's Goodies - Gloria Tsai

Need to spice up your bedroom life, throw a naughty bachelorette party, or invest in some personal pleasure? Glo's Goodies will have everything you need for all your sexy deeds. Glo's Goodies is a provider of in-home parties distributing intimate products and bedroom accessories with the customer service not found in the retail stores (or online). Glo's Goodies is an official Pure Romance Consultant. You'll have the best time partying with Glo's Goodies!