Girl Boss Mafia - Inspiring ladies in business


Yesterday morning, I launched the first event for Girl Boss Mafia and was both inspired and humbled by the number of female business owners who were able to make it and share their incredible ventures. All these ladies came from multiple different backgrounds, juggling many responsibilities, passions, and side hustles.


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Why did I want to start Girl Boss Mafia?

I mainly wanted to get to know and support other female entrepreneurs such as myself. I have been very lucky to have supportive friends and colleagues who are so generous about tagging me in facebook posts and recommending my company Moth to Flame for video production, or my business coaching company for the beginner entrepreneur, that I wanted to be a cheerleader too for the businesses of other friends that I support as well. Starting a business is so hard and it is an incredible feeling to know that you have people willing to be your selfless cheerleaders or so called “sponsors”. I have made countless connections simply because a friend tagged me in a post recommending my services and I remember each and every tag and mention because it can make all the difference for a growing small business.


Create Meaningful Business Relationships

We make so many business transactions in our lives, most of them impersonal and forgettable -- from the grocery store to a haircut or planning an important event. The feeling is entirely different  when you conduct business with someone you know on a personal level.  When people I personally know trust me to make their commercial, film a special event or help them raise money for their next venture, they know I am going to do the best I can. In addition, they may even know that I use any extra money I fund all of my movies. So not only is their hard earned money helping me to support myself and other people on my team, but also it is helping us live out our passions. When there is a deeper level of connection, business becomes much more meaningful and the service you receive much more rewarding.


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Find Our Cheerleaders and Create a Safe Place

During a time when the media is littered with yet another #metoo victim it is essential for us to come together and support each other.  I think ladies, more than ever, need a safe environment and safe network. Now, we have a growing group of people we can count on to “show up,” to sponsor us, to encourage us, to recommend to our other friends and their friends.  


Learn from different women with different talents

I was amazed by all the stories today. I met several moms. Moms who ran multiple businesses. Ladies who still worked their 9-5 in order to build their side hustle. In a nutshell just from today alone if you ever need or know someone who needs :


1.     Business Coach

2.     Videography

3.     Photographers

4.     Film Crew (line producer, 1st AD, art director, producer, director, etc)

5.     Florist

6.     Event Planner

7.     Restaurant Owner – Gluten & vegan style cooking

8.     Leadership Coach

9.     Multi task rabbit extraordinaire

10.  Makeup Artist

11.   Speech Language Pathologist

12.  Tech startup guru

13.  Actors

14.  Broadway producer

15.  Group dance and fitness instructor

16.  Book Editor

17.  Pure romance consultant

18.  E-Commerce expertise / leggings

19.  360 Marketing Guru

20.  Natural skincare specialist



And more… you know where to go to ask for recommendations.


Christine Chen